Which Ads Make Your Phone Ring?

TrackMyAd® gives you clear, immediate, detailed information on which ads are working for you, how your agents are doing, and what it’s costing you for the results you’re getting.

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We are so grateful…

“…to have a technology partner that shares our values and commitment to aloha.  High level of experience and excellent service!”

You just keep making our dreams come true!

“TrackMyAd® zooms in on ad effectiveness; call recording resolves issues painlessly.  Absolutely wonderful service!”

Call Recording is immensely helpful.

“Your responsiveness and creativity really are awesome.  We couldn’t imagine a better company to handle our telecommunications!”

How does it work?

Our system assigns local or toll-free numbers to you as you choose, so you’ll have a different phone number for each published ad.  We keep track of all the details – how many calls per ad, results, average time of the calls.  With the cost information you provide, we can show you the cost per call and cost per result as well.  You can set up separate agent IDs, and we’ll show you results per agent.  All calls are recorded so you can evaluate the conversations to improve your results.

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