The TrackMyAd service was developed by Red Road Telecom, a competitive telephone company in Hawaii.  Some of our customers asked for multiple phone numbers that they could print in different ads, with some basic reporting to help them see which ads were getting the best response.  Our sales manager, Darrell Ellis, immediately recognized what a simple and effective idea this is, and started looking around to see if any other providers were doing it.  He was amazed and delighted to find that, although there are several companies offering a similar service, they’re all either  doing it as an afterthought, or as part of a very complex setup that’s not ideally suited to the small business owner or marketing company.

Darrell brought the idea to our senior developer, David Rodman, and together they put together the feature set we have today.  We’re aiming for the “sweet spot” encompassing the most useful and infomative set of reports and measurements, with the simplest and clearest possible configuration and usage process.  The system is designed so that you can use just the features you want, and not have to deal with any irrelevant details.

Red Road Telecom is founded on the idea that software development should be readily available to every customer, usually at no charge.  If you come up with an additional feature that we haven’t thought of yet and it fits our product model, let us know!   We’ll be happy to cook it up for you, and our other customers will be grateful to you for the suggestion.